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‘Newspaper’ final arbiter on value of churches

Why would you ‘quote’ church? Earth is 6000 years old, fine, but drinking bleach, that’s too far? Where is the line? ‘Church’ claims dead body re-animates after 3 days in desert cave? Does your ‘newspaper’ have guidelines for how batshit a religion needs to be before it isn’t the real one? Does your ‘newspaper’ know

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Faith deserves no seat at the table

Ambrose Bierce defined religions as “Conclusions for which the facts of nature supply no major premises.” John Milloy’s threadbare argument on Friday, which one does in fact hear every day, can be defined the same. Milloy states, “Faith allows us to believe in something greater than ourselves.” In actuality, faith allows one to believe in

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In the beginning…

In the beginning there was hydrogen, and a little bit of helium, and after a while it started to glom together in areas some of which developed enough self gravity to collapse into the first stars. These big bright beasties quickly fused hydrogen to helium, then on through heavier elements until their cores were fusing

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