In the beginning…

In the beginning there was hydrogen, and a little bit of helium, and after a while it started to glom together in areas some of which developed enough self gravity to collapse into the first stars. These big bright beasties quickly fused hydrogen to helium, then on through heavier elements until their cores were fusing into iron.

The star can’t fuse anything heavier.  The mass of the star collapses, smashing all kinds of heavy elements together, some of which glom together into even heavier elements, release enormous amounts of energy, and “spew their enriched guts” across the cosmos.

Billions of years of spewing and glomming and exploding and spewing and so on have resulted in the glomming together of all kinds of elements that is us.  We are evolved from the universe, fuckers!

Everyone you know, everything you’ve seen, from your mother to whatever might be in the oceans of Enceladus to unknown little green men meep-meeping their way across the universe, we are all of the same stuff.

Alan Watts paints a pretty picture, saying, “You are what the universe is doing right there right now, as a wave is what the ocean is doing right there right now.”  The stuff that we are changes and moves, but no matter how it changes or moves it is still part of what is us.  The cosmos.

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